Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test magnets and magnet systems using the most advanced equipment. On the one hand, this assures optimum quality, on the other, the measurements allow us to make precise statements as far as a system's design is concerned in order to derive possible improvements and optimizations.

Tests of dimensions

Simple geometries

e.g. Sliding caliper with digital output

Complex geometries

3-D-Measuring machine

Tests of magnetic properties

Measuring of flux and flux density

Helmholtz coil, Gaussmeter

Measuring of absolute magnetic values

Hystograph / BH-Tracer

Extended tests of magnetic systems

» Measuring of torque and adhesive forces
» Measuring of annular gap
» Measuring of fit tolerance
» Measuring of flux density with air gap

Measuring of adhesive force

Measuring of torque

Optical tests

» Product (Edges, Radius, Grinding pattern, casting compound)
» Packaging
» Cleanness