Measuring devices

Convenient, practical, low cost – this is the best way to describe the generation of measuring devices by ThyssenKrupp Magnettechnik.

Mechanical magnetic pole tester

Small yet... This pocket-sized mechanical magnetic pole tester has a 180° inspection window for displaying the pole and, additionally, flux distribution. Polarity is determined simply by applying the tip of the tester.


Electronic magnetic pole tester

The electronic magnetic pole tester comes in handy whenever you need to detect stray magnetic fields on packaging, perform magnetic polarity checks, test coils, or assemble electric motors. It provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication and is also readable in the dark and where access is difficult.

ThyssenKrupp manual GaussMeter

If you prefer more functionality, go for the double pack with ThyssenKrupp's manual GaussMeter. This instrument measures both field strength and magnetic polarity while also offering unsurpassed ease of operation. It is the optimum tool for determining flux density on magnetic surfaces and in system air gaps, or for quick quality checks and incoming goods inspections.

Magnetic Field Viewing Film

A sensorized film detects magnetic fields between poles and also types of magnetization.

When laid on a magnet or magnet system, the film turns dark at the poles while the zones between north and south appear in a lighter color.

The green sensor film (60 x 50 mm) is welded in a transparent card (115 x 85 mm) which may be formatted to user requirements.

Card: Item no. 171068
Sensor film: Item no. 171390

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