Hard Ferrite Magnets

Hard ferrite magnets are the most cost effective and widely used of all permanent magnets. Both isotropic and anisotropic magnets can be produced in hard ferrite. Anisotropic hard ferrite magnets have an energy density which is 300% higher than isotropic magnets. Depending on the base material, there is a distinction between barium ferrite and the higher coercive strontium ferrite.

After goods inwards inspection, the raw materials (mainly iron oxide, barium carbonate respectively strontium carbonate) are weighed, blended, pre-sintered and ground to a fine powder with hexagonal crystals. For isotropic magnets, the prematerial is consequently granulated and pressed. There are two procedures in the production of anisotropic magnets. Firstly, the prematerial is dried and then pressed in a magnetic field. Secondly, the prematerial is wet pressed under the influence of a magnetic field; this is followed by sintering, finishing and cleaning. The surface can be machined, marked, magnetised or coated to customer requirements.

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Our Product Range:

Our range comprises a wide selection of hard ferrite materials with differing magnetic properties. They permit material selection tailored to individual application requirements.

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