These are metallic permanent magnets based on AlNiCo alloys. Depending on material composition (apart from aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co) also iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and titanium (Ti)) and production process, isotropic and anisotropic magnets can be manufactured with different magnetic properties. Permanent AlNiCo magnets have substantial magnetic stability against temperature influences (application temperatures up to 500 degrees C are possible) and a high remanence level.

AlNiCo magnets can be manufactured by different production processes: The casting method is where the prematerials are molten and cast into sand or close tolerance dies. The sintering process is where the prematerial powders are blended, dispensed into a closed die and then pressed to individual shapes. The components are consequently sintered in an inert gas atmosphere or a vacuum at approximately 1300 degrees C. This process ensures the required alloying and the density of the magnet. Depending on the press density and sintering temperature, sinter shrinkage of up to approximately 10% can occur. The magnets are then subjected to certain heat treatment processes in order to further align and stabilise their elemental structure.

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Our Product Range:

Our range comprises a wide selection of AlNiCo materials with differing magnetic properties. They permit material selection tailored to individual application requirements.

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