About us

Our unique attraction: Solutions to your specific problems.

Magnetism has a long tradition at ThyssenKrupp. The ThyssenKrupp Group's magnet unit has accumulated experience and expertise over decades. Today, ThyssenKrupp Magnettechnik is specialized in the marketing of magnetic materials, systems and components.

The Company can offer you a broad range of high-grade products backed by extensive expertise for solving your own specific problems. And we can do this world-wide - through our close cooperation with the ThyssenKrupp Group's bases in over 100 countries.

Our range

Magnets, Magnet Systems and Components, Engineering

Whether single magnets for motor systems, loudspeakers, couplings, rotors or as magnet systems for separation or the sheet metal handling. We supply the parts and components you need for perfect products.
And, based on long-term experience and high competence, our engineers develop impressive solution proposals even for the most difficult requirements. Talk to us. You'll see, it's rewarding!

The Know-how

We thoroughly test magnets and magnet systems using the most advanced equipment. On the one hand, this assures optimum quality, on the other, the measurements allow us to make precise statements as far as a system's design is concerned in order to derive possible improvements and optimization.
To this end we carry out all field-numeric or analytic calculations of torque, performance, magnetic forces and coil dimensions according to customer specifications